During my life of ferment I have tried many. Of all types: from lactic ferments, probiotics, prebiotics, fermented vegetables. In short, they should help an irritated colon right? So they have to do well.

Well, let me tell you something. They are not always good and to all. Our microbiota, which is the set of bacteria that inhabit the intestine is formed at birth, and even if it is irritated, it never changes completely. The "memory" of the intestine remains unchanged over time. In short, you can take antibiotics that alter it, enzymes that restore it, but its underlying memory remains.

In short, if he does not tolerate something from birth, he will continue not to tolerate it for the rest of his life.


That said, let's get back to the probiotics. Obviously, before discovering my intolerances, I used several. They never worked for me. If I took them for more than 3 days, they increased the problem instead of fighting it. Obviously the doctors did not believe that they hurt me, every time I mentioned it, I was told "it's impossible, enzymes can't hurt, just keep taking them". Even if they could not give problems for them, I stopped taking them. The opinion was theirs, but the body was mine, and I knew how it was,

Going forward in the consultations and changing different doctors, I found someone in contrast, who did not support the efficacy of the enzymes. One in particular explained to me that since the microbiota is personal, that is, different from person to person, it is very difficult to identify the good bacteria that would help the intestine. They should be customized. He gave me this example "if one has all trumpets in the intestine and one breaks, if you put violins in, they are still instruments, but it won't sound good anyway". In short, they should be created individually to really help. Those on the market contain multiple enzymes together, but they are not necessarily the ones that serve your microbiota.


Despite that, I looked for a long time for enzymes that could help me and I landed at probiotics. With these I went better. The inflammation did not increase too much, and I took treatments twice a day for 5 days, as soon as the discomfort increased I stopped. But it still seemed to have a slight improvement. I went on like this for some time. Until I started taking 1 every day for 2 months. Since the malaise did not increase, I wanted to try to see if they would really give me relief.

It was in that year that I started taking exams to look for the cause, and I first arrived athistamine

. By quitting probiotics and following the histamine diet, he seemed to have found the solution. The belly was much better! No swelling! I was sleeping well again, and the cramps were gone. I still had some rashes and bouts of dysentery but they were very rare, and overall I was much better.

It would not last long though. The problem had not been resolved and the symptoms, with different intensity and form, would soon return. It still had to search. That wasn't the solution.

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