Morherapy was invented by Dr. Morell, in the late seventies. It is based on the use of a device invented by Morell and Rasche. The method is based on the rebalancing of electromagnetic forces.

Morell started from the assumption that the individual is energy, all his cells produce energy and are influenced by external energies. We are influenced by the moon, by the changing of the seasons. We are part of this world that produces and exchanges energy, and therefore we are influenced by it.

Therefore, being energy, it is possible to re-establish the balances that have been altered in the different parts of the body through moratherapy. Meridians have been identified, that is the nerve points of the body where our energy passes. Thanks to these points it is possible to understand which energetic frequencies are disharmonic on which it is necessary to intervene.


he blackberry tool is applicable to all functional and chronic diseases, both manifest and latent and does not cause side effects.

The therapy works as follows: you sit in front of the instrument, put your feet on two plates and hold two electrodes in your hands

Then the machine is put into operation calibrated to create imperceptible electromagnetic impulses that will pass through the electrodes that are held in the hand and in the feet. These frequencies thus emitted, cancel the non-harmonic frequencies in place. The treatment should be carried out at least 5-6 times, and then once a month or a year, depending on the doctor's instructions.

As mentioned, it has no side effects, and is indicated for all diseases, especially chronic ones. Through therapy you will be able to fight and treat any disease that arises in the best possible way.


I have tried therapy to combat my irritable bowel. The first session, having been generic, to understand which meridians to touch, gave me unwanted effects. In short, my colitis has exploded again as it hasn't happened for some time. All this lasted about a week, and as it came it disappeared. It was an excellent sign. It means that the therapy touched and awakened the unbalanced part of my body. The next therapy will therefore be more targeted and will rebalance my intestines. Obviously, to identify the meridians you can ask your homeopathic doctor or whoever deals with moratherapy. For example, I did it in a pharmacy, after having probed with mine homeopath

which meridians were I should have touched. I will continue with the therapy, and will write a subsequent article at the end of the journey to describe the changes.


  1. Salve,
    ho letto il libro di Franz Morell e provato diversi tipi di biorisonanze in giro, il vostro sembra ancora migliore, dove fate moraterapia?


    Fabio Tribos (UD), conosco una signora di Modena anche che ne avrebbe un gran bisogno

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