herpes labiale

Do you also suffer from cold sores? This is how it manifests itself suddenly and will it ruin the romantic evening you had planned? Well, welcome to the club. Cold sores are annoying, painful, unsightly and it always takes a lifetime to make it disappear.

It manifests itself with itching in the lip area, making the area very touch sensitive. It usually results in small blisters that expand like wildfire on the lip. Only after approx 5/6 days , but at times, even more they dry up, becoming covered with scabs and thus ends its virulence.

At the slightest manifestation of symptoms usually recurs with acyclovir in cream, which creates a patina on the lip that if not completely smeared it turns yellow and gives a horrible result. Otherwise, transparent patches to be applied on top are used, which are more discreet, last all day and make herpes less visible.

Very often they are unable to nip the herpes in the bud which develops anyway, but at least they accelerate its healing and allow you to eat and kiss without always having to apply topical cream every time.

The causes for which it comes can be different, stress, disorderly life, iron and nutrient deficiencies. Honestly, I've never linked herpes to an irritated colon, I didn't think they had a connection. Yet, studying and informing myself I realized that the correlation is very strong in my case. Whenever my colon became very irritated and I took allopathic drugs to calm it down as I needed fast results, after a few days herpes would appear.

I only realized later that the suppression of intestinal symptoms triggered the arrival of herpes. The inflammation was not treated in his it causes, but simply deleted on the one hand and it manifested itself on the other, in a different form.

In short, if I did not treat the cause, herpes would come back on time. If the colon was quiet enough this didn't happen. I have seen the first results since I started using homeopathy and diet. By keeping inflammation in check, herpes never came.

Very often the causes of your discomfort are not the visible ones, but they are others, perhaps in other parts of the body. Do not be afraid to investigate, if you have recurrent cold sores, headaches, muscle aches, probably the cause lies in what you eat, in an intestinal inflammation that you have not yet identified. My advice is to always investigate the causes. Curing the symptom does not cure your body.

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