FROM DIET TO GENETIC TESTS: the watchword is never give up

My diet went on through ups and downs. What a pain!! I still didn't eat most of the foods, the only ones I allowed myself were the fresh ones, cooked on the spot. I make you a premise. I have always been a good fork, there has never been anything I did not like to eat. I am also very greedy. Something‚Ķ Continue reading DALLA DIETA AI TEST GENETICI: parola d’ordine mai arrendersi


HISTAMINE Histamine is a chemical messenger belonging to the group called "biogenic amines" and is a natural component of many food groups. Histamine is metabolized by the enzyme DiaminoO Oxidase (DAO), so eating foods rich in histamine does not create problems in healthy subjects. When the Dao enzyme is deficient, it is referred to as histamine intolerance. The one introduced with the ... Continue reading L’ISTAMINA E LA SUA INTOLLERANZA


UNIVERSITY Started in adolescence, my sore belly has never left me. After high school, to my great relief, the university years in Turin began. I loved living in Turin, at 19 I was independent, in a big city and responsible for myself. Like a good off-site, I lived in a 70s two-room apartment, ... Continue reading IL CORAGGIO DI PRENDERSI CURA DELLA PROPRIA SALUTE

How irritable bowel ruined my life

Hi, I'm Veronica, born and raised in the province of Cuneo, graduated in Architecture, employed in the naval sector. In the articles I will talk about irritable colon, intolerances and my love / hate relationship with my belly. Have you ever felt constantly tired, just waking up in the morning? Have you ever felt anxious all the time, with a ... Continue reading Come il colon irritabile mi ha rovinato la vita

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