My life revolves around my intolerant belly.

in aticles I will tell you about my experience with intestinal inflammation. It all boils down to to Colitis or is there something more?

You will read about the symptoms and remedies to cure it and improve your lifestyle and vitality. Inflammation is not and must not become something chronic to get used to. We must always look for the cause. Whether it is emotional or nutritional, it is always there. The intestine is our second brain and does not decide on its own to alter itself. You will discover that there are solutions to an intolerant belly and that it can be improved and healed. Are you ready to give up what you love most, but which is the cause of your pain?

Hi, I'm Veronica, an architecture graduate, always struggling with intestinal inflammation. I am passionate about everything that is natural and am always looking for new things to try. I am sunny, determined, I like life and I believe that a day spent angry is a day lost.

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